Valerie Sassyfras Premiers First Val Talk Show June 23rd, 7pmCST on ig and fb!

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instagram (Val Sassyfras) and facebook (Valerie Sassyfras)

Greetings Sass Lovers! I have a big announcement to make. Strap yourselves in, buckle up, make sure your belongings are secure in the overhead compartment, TRY to keep your pants on...Val Talk Is Coming June 23rd! I’m so excited to bring y’all my new video web series. I’ll have musical guests, interviews, on the street segments, laughs galore, CALL-INs from you sweet SassHeads out there, more music (obviously), ALIENS, DINOSAURS and freakin Pickles!! It’s gonna be the best damn talk show since Carson! Wait scratch the last damn talk show EVER!!! Tune into the first episode of Val Talk June 23rd and be a part of entertainment history! You like feeling important right? Well be somebody, be important, be what your parents hoped you might be, be a part of entertainment history for Sass sakes!!! Tune in to VAL TALK JUNE 23rd!!!”