Silver Silk Spaghetti Strap Top and Silver Sequined Shorts
  • Silver Silk Spaghetti Strap Top and Silver Sequined Shorts
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Easy, breezy, beautiful COVERGIRL. Just a few words that come to mind when describing this salacious and sassy, silk and stylish, spaghetti strappin, Sexy from Saks top paired with some eye dazzling silver sequined shorts!

Whether it’s Vogue, Offbeat (like me) or Sports illustrated you better bring your A game to the table for your next Cover Shoot. Good thing this Covergirls got you COVERED.

Fabulous? check. Glamorous? check. Sassy as the day is long? DOUBLE CHECK! You know that feeling you get when people literally start fainting and spouting gibberish and their eyes pop out of their head when they see you Sasshay the night away on Broadway cause you look so mother ripping good?

No? Well I do! I wore this outfit and I can tell you it comes with it’s own BODY COUNT. At least 27 poor souls have lost their lives walking into traffic, off of cliffs or simply spontaneously combusting just from one glance at this marvel of modern fashion.

Don’t feel bad though, there’s a new religion based around this piece and those poor souls gladly left their human vehicles and are now in a much happier, Sassier place. A place where every street is Fifth Avenue, every strap is spaghetti, every picture is a cover shot and NOTHING goes unsequined.

That’s right folks paradise exists and you can hold the key to its Heavenly Gates for just 100 dollars. This is basically Buddha putting you on the fast track to Nirvana with a sleek and stylish outfit that will have you looking your best out there on the Astral Plane!

Move over Alpha Centauri there’s a new Star in town and she’s got plenty of range of motion to high kick this galaxy on its head in these Sassy sequined shorts!! So pull out your credit card and prepare to begin peering down on your loyal subjects upon your new intergalactic throne amongst the constellations, boy they sure look small Hahahahaha.

Ladies and gentlemen if you haven’t ruled a galaxy, lemme tell you there’s nothing quite like it, your face is on every COVER with an outfit like this. NOWS YOUR CHANCE! 100 dollars

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