Get to know Val!

  • Valerie Sassyfras is Sass Cabaret! A New Orleans based, one of a kind One-Woman Band! With the Sasshay Dancers! Nominated Offbeat Best Accordion Player 2016! Performed French Quarter Fest 2017! Performing French Quarter Fest 2018!

Valerie plays keyboard, accordion, and mandolin. She loves to make audiences go wild with her "wicked" choreography, often performed behind a lighted scrim.

Valerie has been delighting audiences for more than 20 years! Even though Valerie has strong roots in cajun and zydeco music, she continues to surprise crowds with fresh and hip new sounds. Some of Valerie's songs deal with heavy topics such as heartbreak, hardships, and death, while others speak about roller coasters, living in a van down by the river, and just plain having a good night out with your girlfriends! She truly covers the gamut of human emotion with her songwriting.