Sassyfras Style

Featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2018

Nominated for Best of the Beat Awards 2016

Featured Performer at French Quarter Festival in 2017 and 2018

Featured on MTV's Ridiculousness Show August 26, 2018, 8pm fun and fearless, crazy and weird, offset, off kilter, off key....wait scratch that last part. Sassyfras Style is get down so you can get up kind of music!

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"SASSYFRASS FOREVER!!! Grab your butts and your nuts and GET WILD and get on with your lives !!"
-Jessica Gildersleeve
"Her current music is part low-fi pop and part performance art. As a performer she’s absolutely fearless."
-Offbeat Magazine (Brett Milano)

"Valerie has captured the eye of a youthful audience. Her trademarked sassiness and the pure joy, quirkiness, energy, and courage she exudes on stage has her playing venues more noted for punk, hip hop, and indie crowds."
-Anti-Gravity Magazine (Kevin Barrios)

"Valerie Sassyfras embodies the perfect blend of musical ability and eccentricity. She has decades of studying and performing music under her belt and has delved into just about every genre while mastering the art of the one woman show."
-Where Y'at (Kimmie Tubre)